Big Boots

Big Boots
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It is no secret that I am an obsessive overplanner when designing travel itineraries. Jerry, not so much. He taught me long ago that you can just hop in the car or on your Harley and go on an adventure whether you have a destination in mind or not. I remember several years back we set off one morning to check out a state park or battle reenactment somewhere near Fort Meade, Florida. Apparently it didn’t take as long as we expected and there was still daylight to burn. Instead of heading home, Jerry took a left and headed south. Before the day was over we had driven backroads and made discoveries all over Central Florida, and it remains one of our most memorable drives to this day. I was in a Winnie the Pooh stage when I came across this quote, and it reminded me so much of Jerry and his philosophy of adventure. I found out later that he was a fan of Pooh, too! Remember that adventure does not have to be extreme. It just has to open your eyes to things you have never experienced before. I will NEVER bungee jump or jump out of a plane unless somebody offers me a million bucks . . . . And maybe not even then! Thanks, Jerry, for teaching me about spontaneity and how to find unplanned adventure on the backroads. And yeah, those are his boots . . . .

When you see someone putting on his big boots, you can be pretty sure that an adventure is going to happen.

—A. A. Milne

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